Into the mountains

If you’ve been paying attention, today was the big day in which we went to Nagarkot up in the Himalaya mountains . It promised to be an interesting day and it definitely did not disappoint.

The day started, as usual, at 6 am for me. For once I decided I was not going to walk around bhaktapur as I felt like I needed some time to start my day calmly. I made my bag lazily and wasted time until I met Sarah for breakfast at 8. I don’t know what these Nepali people put in their potatoes for breakfast but man is it good! We were supposed to leave for Changu Narayan temple in the morning, come back to bhaktapur to grab our bags and then head off to Nagarkot. All of this with the added difficulty of avoiding all checkpoints so Sarah didn’t have to pay.

We headed towards the bus stop and made it easily there with no money leaving our pockets. There was much laughing about how Sarah was escaping her medieval prison. We were lucky and managed to grab seats at the back of the bus. I once again did my Guliver’s travels impersonation and towered over everyone that sat next to me. The trip was not so bad and the views of the rice pads were beautiful. Unfortunately I could not sit next to the windows as my giant legs did not fit in the seat.

Ready to harvest

Ready to harvest

Changu Narayan temple is not bad but in my opinion does not deserve a UNESCO World Heritage Site award. It is a small temple at the end of a village and is pretty but not as spectacular as others I’ve seen. Then again maybe I’m just spoilt now.

Meh... :-P

Meh… 😛

I squeezed into another bus back to Bhaktapur and we proceeded to sneakily enter the city, dodging checkpoints along the way. We met Jacques and Laure back at the hostel who were just back from an 8hour trip back from the mountain village they had been visiting. They seemed happy but exhausted. Sarah and I ordered our food and an hour later had lunch.

We had planned on getting the bus at 3 pm at the latest so we could get to Nagarkot to see the sunset. The bus was as packed as I have ever seen one so far. More and more people kept piling in. Once again, Sarah and I manage to snag seats for the one hour and half journey to cover the 16kms to Nagarkot. It was a crazy trip with breathtaking views up until we actually got into Nagarkot.


Clouds incoming

Clouds incoming

We managed to find a cheap hostel room facing the sunrise but it is cloudy and misty and I don’t think we’ll see much. 😦

Not much to see!

Not much to see!

Tune in tomorrow to see what happens!


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