Lazy day

Monday was a lazy day. We had many plans to do things but nothing worked out so we decided to do nothing. not a bad plan overalll.

The morning started at 8am with Gus and I searching for places to rent a pair of scooters. This sounds like a simple endeavour but nothing is simple in Nepal. The first place had one good scooter and one scooter than kept on stalling, the next one had 2 scooter that started fine but would not brake. The third place didn’t have helmet for my watermelon head and the last place had good scooters and big helmets but needed a deposit and us to leave our passports behind.

Hawks on the prowl

Hawks on the prowl

All of that took almost  3 hours so we decided not to get scooters in the end. When we were walking back Sarah spotted us from the restaurant where she was having breakfast and I joined  her for a coffee. We then went exploring around the lake to see if we could find a nice place to chill. After walking through rice paddies for a while we though we had found a spot but it was too hot to lie there without tree cover. In the end we walked back to town and met up with the rest of the gang for a long lunch.

Walking to lunch

Walking to lunch

The afternoon was spent lazily writing my blog entry and reading a book (The dresden files, in case you are wondering). I had met the owner of a Spanish restaurant in the morning and we decided to go for some Spanish food. It ended up being quite an experience.

Not much to do

Not much to do

We ordered tortilla for everyone and some red wine and tapas. We had understood that the wine was European but it ended up being sweet Nepali wine. It was not good at all. Tasted of powder and chemicals and all sorts of strange stuff.

We had ordered some tapas and tortilla to eat. The tapas were 2 open bags of crisps and some peanuts while the tortilla was nothing to write home about. On top of that the owner kept on complaining how much he hated working and how he wanted to return to Spain. But the best was yet to come.

After a forgettable dinner (expensive too) the owner joined us at the table and proceeded to talk for almost an hour about how the world was coming to a change and the schuman frequencies and how now we were passing from the age of intellect to the age of wisdom and bla, bla, bla…. As you can imagine he killed our mood and we will not be returning.

As I said overall it was not a bad day but it had a very strange ending.


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