Why I have a second camera

I am they very proud owner of an X-Pro1 camera. I bought this camera last year and I am extremely happy with it. While it is a lot smaller than my previous camera and allows me take it a lot more places, it still isn’t a truly pocketable camera. I was looking for a camera that I could take everywhere but as usual I needed it to meet some pretty stringent requirements.

Play the game!

Play the game!

I needed a camera that I could use in low light, gave excellent image quality and I could slip into my jacket pocket. I looked at many cameras on the market and ended up having my eye on the excellent Fuji X100s. The only limitation of this camera was its fixed focal length of 23mm (35mm equivalent in Full Frame) but I see this as almost an advantage. It forces me to think more about my photos and get closer to get a good picture. I will post about this camera a lot more in the coming weeks. 🙂

This is the kind of picture I'd be missing!

This is the kind of picture I’d be missing!

If I hadn’t bought this camera, there are a lot of photos I would not have taken over the last month. I find it incredible to think that I can pull it out and take amazing pictures whenever I see something that catches my eye. It also makes it so much more fun to walk anywhere as I can always keep my eye open for photo opportunities.

Biking at night

Biking at night

It also allows me to take pictures of my friends and nights out. It is also so small and silent that I get as many pictures as I need. I am loving it and my friends are loving it as well.



I would highly recommend getting pocket camera if you find you’re not taking as many pictures as you want. It really has changed my outlook on photography and allowed me to get a lot of images I would have missed otherwise.


2 responses to “Why I have a second camera

  1. Great photos! I love my X100S to the point where I feel sorry for my 5D mkii. I think Fuji just offer that extra freedom and bring the enjoyment back into photography!

    • Thanks for the comment. I agree that the x100s is making me not use any of my other cameras. It’s amazing to always have such a great camera on hand.

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