Eastward bound

The time has come to leave the comforts of known territory and venture forth into the unknown. I have left Rome and am on a plane bound to Shanghai. I find myself once again with butterflies in my stomach but in the best possible way. Last night I caved in a little bit and booked my first night in a hostel in Bangkok. It’s not cheap but I have a feeling after all this travelling I’m going to want a nice place to rest my head.


A small place to rest your head

My last day in Rome was kind of a drag. I spent the day wandering about town, waiting until I had to head to the airport. Don’t get me wrong, the worst day in Rome is still pretty amazing but by 4pm my feet were hurting a bit. Didn’t help that I twisted y ankle and almost killed myself. I am not kidding, I twisted my ankle and then did one of those stumbling runs were you are trying really hard not to fall over. All of this with my backpack on and my camera in one hand. Did I mention I did all of this into traffic? Yes, I. almost. killed. myself.
I did get to enjoy the luxury of packing light though. I walked for 6 hours around town with all my luggage on me and was not excessively tired. I could not have done this if I was dragging a big suitcase behind me, then again I might have just left it at luggage storage and saved myself the hassle…


No hassle here

As I said, I am writing this from the plane, I will probably not post it until I get to Michael’s house in Shanghai, if I get there. The rules recently changed in China and from stays of under 72 hours they no longer require a visa. The only issue is I have no proof that I am staying only 24 hours! The airport attendants told me they would warn Shanghai of my situation and that I would have no issue. If you are reading this, chances are things went ok.

The flight from China eastern is better than I expected. The seats are not bad and we have individual VOD entertainment units. I have just sat through the wonder that is the Lone Ranger and will pick my next movie more carefully.

PS: Got to Bangkok safely. This post is brought to you with one day delay thanks to China’s Big Brother Internet filter. The next post is going to be a long one as I’ll cover my Chinese experience which has been interesting. I’ll cover a scam, my thoughts on Chinese behaviour and why we had to do an emergency landing in Gangzhou! It’s 3 am right now and I am knackered…


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