Sukhothai historical park

After spending 2 days in Ayutthaya and feeling the need to move on, I booked a 6:30 am bus to Sukhothai. The idea was to get there around midday so I had plenty of time to see the park in the afternoon. I had decided to try to find a guesthouse within the historical Park as someone had told me that new Sukhothai was dead at night and that the park was where all the action was. This could not be further from the truth. While being in the park has its advantages, night life is definitely not one of the reasons to go there!

While waiting for the bus I spotted 2 fellow travellers which were carrying around full suitcases. This is not a normal sight while travelling around as most people tend to have backpacks. I decided to strike up a conversation and it turns out they were Italian! I was on luck as I am much more comfortable speaking Italian than I am speaking French so it meant the trip would become less intellectually challenging!

Their names were Alessandro and Gilberto and they would become my travelling companions for the next few days. 🙂 They had been in Thailand for a few days and were heading towards the golden triangle. At that point I was still not sure what I wanted to do so I decided to tag along as far as Chiang Mai.


The bus ride was OK and as we had VIP tickets we even had a stop to eat at 8:30am. We arrived at Sukhothai and got ripped off by the taxi driver that charged us 150baht each to take us to the hotels. Alessandr o and Gilbert had booked a hotel outside of the historical Park while I wanted to go inside as I had seen in my guide that there were a couple of cheap options in there. The taxi driver decided to drop me off at the hostel where he was getting commission instead of the one I wanted but I easily found the place. I got a nice aircon room for 500 baht and then got in touch with my new friends to see if they wanted to bike around the park.



We ended up heading out at 4pm and got to see a few temples and a nice sunset. We then had some nice street food and tried to find a place to  have a beer before we went to sleep. Everything was dead at 8pm and we had a beer at a place that was closing up for the night. We decided to call it an early night and meet up early the next day to see some more of the historical park.



At 8am we were again on our bikes and heading into the historical park. It was well worth getting up early as it was not at all hot and it was a very pleasant ride. It rained a little bit but not enough to bother us. I stopped to have a couple of roadside delicacies which turned out to be chicken asses. They were not bad and they also turned out to be the only food I’d have until dinner time so I got lucky!



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