I’m a perpetual nomad that seems to have settled down in Dublin Ireland. While I was born in Spain, I have live in 9 countries so far and have a feeling I have more to see before I’m done.

I am an avid photographer and love to wander around town collecting looks and curious situations. I also love to travel and learn new things.

I am quite new at the whole blog thing but I hope to keep you interested and coming back for many years.


3 responses to “About

  1. Hello there!
    Great blog! I also have one 😛 (www.photosnepal.wordpress,com)
    I found it really interesting and please keep posting.
    I am from Nepal and I am pretty impressed with your post especially the “Tips for Nepal”.
    If you need any help, company, to travel I’ll be happy to assist you. I just completed my A-levels and I am free for about 1.5months more and I have nothing to do, so if you want I can help you. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the kind words Hrishav. I am only in Nepal for another week, I wish I had a month and a half to travel your beautiful country. I am leaving to Pokhara tomorrow so if you are in the area I’d be happy to meet up!

    • Unfortunately I won’t be in Pokhara 😦 I am a resident of Kathmandu and I cannot travel that far from my home. I think you guys know that our(Hindus) great festival is just 2 weeks from tomorrow and I’ll be going to my grand parents(Biratnagar) so I cannot come with you guys. Have a lots of fun.
      But If you need someone to travel with you or lets say Someone who can show you around in Pokhara I can help. I have some relatives there and they are the locals of Pokhara. They have jobs, but its saturday so they might be your help.

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